Nysthi crashing Reaper (but more to it)

Hi all,

I am suddenly unable to open a particular Reaper project and Windows Event Log is saying it is caused by Nysthi/plugin.dll. I just downloaded Simpliciter and updated VCV today, so they are the most recent versions.


But here’s the real wild card: I opted to try WIndows 11 (I know, please forgive me) and had several Reaper crashes, so I immediately downgraded back to 10. Now I am wondering if there are any residual Win11 bugs causing problems.

I remember I fixed a similar “Reaper-Crashes-On-Project-Load” error a while back by jiggling a Windows display setting. Does that sound familiar to anyone? I believe it was a registry thing.

Anyway if anyone can help, I’d really appreciate it. This Simpliciter project was actually worth saving - what an amazing module!

**** Followup*****

I can open the project with all plugins disabled. It’s only 1 track, using VCV and a compressor, so I enable the compressor; no problem. Enable VCV (with Nysthi Simpliciter) and boom crash.

I can make a new project using VCV + Simpliciter and it doesn’t seem to have a problem.



You are not alone.

Same problem here with Ableton Live 10.1.42 + VCV rack 2 VST on a macbook M1 pro (2021).

If Sussaudio or Simpliciter or Musicalbox is present in a patch, I can’t reopen the Ableton project anymore (crash at startup).

Complex Simpler is working and let me reopen the project.

Regards, Phil

SevenSeas also crashes when loading a project. I’ve raised a GitHub issue for Nysthi: SevenSeas crashes Ableton Live when loading a project that uses it · Issue #403 · nysthi/nysthi · GitHub

for the people experiment crashed with sussudio and musical boxes, I removed all the offscreen

in this version

please let me nknow

for @Richie must be something else I have no offscreens or FONT problems (long time) could be something file related ? don’t know

I have to ask for the license, just to see something locally

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