NYSTHI Confusing Simpler - turn off input for sampling

Trying to use Confusing Simpler for live sampling.

There’s no way to turn off the input going to the output is there?

I solved it with a flip flop and a vca, so the input goes to the Confusing Simpler only when it’s recording it. The recorder turns on with a trigger and turns off with a second trigger. A flip flop latches the trigger so it makes a gate signal from trigger until the next trigger.

Isn’t there a cv control for mix? I would think that would do it? Or maybe Simplicitor has something you can do. I mean, who here would bet against an undocumented feature in a Nysthi module?

I think disabling “Sound On Sound” should still let you sample with Rec in, without auditioning the audio input through the module itself.

Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 23.23.58

Thanks for this, it’s exactly what I wanted. Sound on sound is great for somethings but not what I had in mind.