NYSTHI Confusing Simpler Clicking.

@synthi I post this here to see if others have an issue like this, and possibly suggestions on how to fix it.

I can log a github issue too if you like.

This is the simplest cut-down patch. I don’t know how the big click is at the start of every retrigger of a Confusing Simpler slice.

Here’s that patch file along with the sample I was using for confusing simpler. https://cornwarning.com/xfer/ConfusionClicker.zip

A more complicated patch that was the basis of the test patch.


(upload://pZfV1daZJzutlc6B5QxNmL7sCKG.vcv) (4.9 KB)

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I can see the DC offset from here, :grinning:

Logged the github issue…