NYSTHI BZ Mapper: Tutorial

I used BZ Mapper for shaping a voice of a patch. Added expander modules and LFO to automize waveshaping:

Question on Threads:


Just wondering - is it ok to open a new thread for every module explored or should I collect those tutorials in one thread? Rules indicate opening a new thread for every module - but search is efficient enough to find modules within threads. I’ll do what is prefered :slight_smile:


Thanks to @synthi I learned an additional of his features:

Attach an LFO to the left and you can use BZ Mapper as an LFO Waveshaper. Multiphase’s features do the rest for you - no cabel attaching needed :smiley:


very cool ! (you can attach a µop too I think)


Not only that, look!:

Tried it out with Range LFO by RJ Modules and I could also shape dBiz Suha module. I’m not sure if it’s me not having a clue about programming or not grabbing the concepts of expanders - so far I assumed only within plugins modules can expand - appears BZ-Mapper interacts with a lot of stuff.

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So what is the exact function of LFOMultiphase here? Is it a formal extension and, if so, to which units? Or is BZMAPPER the extension?

BZ-Mapper works as the extension for LFO’s and apparently Oscillators. You can shape the waveform and this change the sound coming out of BZ Mapper. Of course if you attach an oscillator you have a smaller range of editing the wave, you have to work closer around the centre coordinates. Zooming in would be a nice feature - currently you can only zoom out.

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This great news. I had no idea that you can do that. Thanks for sharing.