NYSTHI 208: Seeking Instructional videos

I am really intrigued by the 208 Modules NYSTHI put out relatively recently… the CV aspect of the Buchla Music Easel @Patman @synthi I have never used a real Easel, and many videos seem to take advantage of its semi-modular internal patching (is that the case?), so its a bit confusing to translate that into the world of VCV. I have an analog Quad VCA, LPG and Complex Osc: I am ready to build my own Easel ! (am I missing any Analog HW components? … not to concerned about Delay’s or Echos … have VCV for that)

Would be great if anyone knows of any instructional videos relating to either the 208 Buchla or the NYSTHI VCV modules that can explain some basic Buchla patches. I always find the Buchla Sequences to be wonderfully idiomatic and rhythmic. All the best VCVLand!

Currently there is really nothing complex between the published items!
If you want example of buchla Easel patches, just check the original or current manual.
regarding the nysthi imitations they are just the CV modules (for the moment).
Of course in the easel you have the color coded socket coming out at bottom that you can connect very easily to the close sockets VC In (black): you need to abstract this part, because every module in the nysthi case, has his CV out (or audio out, if any) and they respect the GENERAL BUCHLA color code (blue, cv out, red, pulse out ect ect)
(not the EASEL color code that is CV out takes color of the module.)
Vgermuse (Tod Barton) on MUFF has a great serie dedicated to the easel


You could demo the Arturia Easel to see how it all fits together ?

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Thx All! Great @synthi going to look into his videos! Yes the modules themselves seem quite transparent, how it all fits together is still a mystery to me, but it will become clear as I take a look at the manuals / videos.

Super good idea @Nik will absolutely do that!

Is this what you’re looking for, @Soothsayer? :thinking:



P.S.: I promise never to use a tablet anymore to post! What madness! :grimacing: :crazy_face: :blush:

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Thank you @josep . I essentially want to use my Analog Eurorack components in combo with the 208 CV aspects of NYSTHI to make a little Buchla Easel. So I need both some Attenuators and such and a Mixer set up correctly to match the Easel, then I can send CV out to my Eurorack. I am basically just trying to Jump Start this adventure, so I posted here. And I am on my way! Would be cool to see if someone made a VCV Patch that uses a VCO LPG etc so I could clearly see the synth architecture… as opposed to diving into the manuals, re-warding but time consuming.

I’m a newbie @Soothsayer, but if i understand you well maybe this video will be of help for your project …

Don’t know, you’ll tell me! :thinking:

Thx but its not a question of how to Sync HW with SW, but rather how to utilize the 208 CV Modules by NYSTHI with an LPG / Complex OSC in Eurorack in order to create the Buchla Easel

I understand … as i’ve already said, i’m a newbie, so i’m afraid that i can not help you … Sure there will be some VCV Rack/Eurorack Guru here that can help you … But at least i tried :wink: :blush:

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You will not have to in the near future, as the rest of the 208 modules will be released shortly by NYSTHI.

Just check the Facebook group.


Thx for the update! I stay away from FB! :stuck_out_tongue: This Forum is much nicer… can’t wait until it becomes more active