NRPN messages module?

Hi , i am search ing for a way to use my alesis andromeda as main controller for vcvrack. So i need a module which allows me to use the nrpn messages from the Andromeda…can nrpn be used with vcvrack? Thanks for your input🙏

This would at least require support for 14-bit MIDI, which isn’t available yet but is on the way in Rack v2:


Great news😊 thanks for letting me know. Very much looking frwrd to this.

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MSB/LSB 14-bit MIDI isn’t really a prerequisite of NRPN 14-bit MIDI.

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Does that mean it could work in v 1.16 ?

It is technically possible to be added, but I likely won’t release any new Rack v1 versions.