Novation Impulse software alternative to AUTOMAP needed

I everyone, I have this keyboard since 2015 and I’m really happy with it, but Automap, the software that is used to control transport etc. on the various DAW is a pain. Moreover it is not updated since early 2018. I would like to know if I can buy a third party software that does the job better and with less hassle than automap does.

Anything would be really appreciated.

Well it might take some time, but you could assign everything by hand ? In your Daws parameters or through midi learn.
You may lose a few hours, but once it’s done you should be ok forever normally :slight_smile:

Not really, because the transport on the keyboard doesn’t send midi messages to the DAW. So I need a software that can handle scripts that can be read by the DAW.
I now about remotify, which is cool and let you program custom scripts of whatever keyboard/controller, but it only works for ableton live. I’d like something that can work at least with logic, maybe even studio one or pro tools.

Oh i see… All my controller send midi for the transport, so i thought it was a standard…
Well i guess i don’t know enough about this to help you, hope you’ll find :wink:
Cheers !

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As far as I remember there was never an automap alternative for those controllers… I eventually gave my Nocturn away because it was nothing but headaches mapping wise… My suggestion is ditch it and get something that doesn’t use automap. Since the original launchpads don’t need automap for Ableton I stopped using it completely.

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I would leave it as a last resort. I like the overall layout of the keyboard and I already have all my templates programmed on the unit. Thank you all for your support.

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Should look into getting a Nektar product! They have the best DAW integration hands down.

I have an Impulse, and I don’t use Automap at all. Admittedly, I don’t use the keyboard much in my DAW, but it works okay with VCV Rack. The transport controls do transmit MIDI CC messages. The start button sends CC 114 and the stop button sends 115. Those are received just fine in the MIDI-CC module. Don’t know if that helps at all with your situation, but it works okay for me.

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If the Novation Impulse uses Lua script you could try to learn about it,
and look out for the upcoming @frank Buss module (that reads or runs Lua script i think).

edit: I actually thought you were trying to map it for use in VCV.

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BEST one for Ableton for any controller!