NoteTaker: Beta tester wanted for overly complicated plugin

Here’s what I’m writing

NoteTaker v1 isn’t ready for general use, but it’s far enough along to test.

Some caveats:

  • There’s a v0.6 branch but I plan to abandon it.
  • While NoteTaker reads and writes MIDI, it’s not ready to use to import arbitrary MIDI into Rack. One day.
  • No support for polyphony yet. Still thinking about it.
  • There’s one button that doesn’t do anything.
  • Entering notation from MIDI works, but is very early. Don’t expect much.

Feel free to file bugs on GitHub. Questions and feature requests are fine.


I can. I’m on Mac - do you want me to build it myself or do you have a binary?

I just did a ‘make dist’ and added the binary here. This version prints out debugging (and may have bugs caused by debugging!), so it would be best to launch Rack from Terminal to capture the output.

Here’s what NoteTaker looks like now.

Still plenty of bugs to work out, but it can play and edit four polyphonic MIDI channels on a good day.


ok this is totally rad! :scream:
i’m not into sheet music, but i am sure those that are will go crazy.
when they realize that this is possible in this traditional form inside a modular environment.

good work!

( @denis.tercier is this something you might like? )

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Maybe! It’s really funny but out of the modular spirit IMO… Even if I work with music sheet a lot in my musical life. But I will surely explore it when available!
@cclark2 don’t care about my opinion! The idea and your work are great. It could maybe be more useful for transcribing some nice sequence coming out of vcv rack than reading written music in it…

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I understand the ‘not in the modular spirit’ reaction, but when used as a traditional modular sequencer, I hope it is very much in the spirit. I wrote it partly out of frustration with using old school sequencers that have one knob per sequence step and have a fixed number of steps.

The MIDI compatibility was completely an afterthought; however, MIDI files from the wild are good stress tests that make me think hard about edge cases.

On the sheet music aspect: I can’t sight read :frowning: . But I find that the interactive nature of this module, which plays the pitch and duration as you edit makes the ability to read music less relevant.


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