Note addressable mute sequencer

I’m trying to create a setup where I can select a combination of mutes with note input. I’m using Count Modula’s gate sequencer with the voltage address mode selected for the direction, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I have the mute CV set to gate high/low for MindMeld’s MixMaster, but the sequencer doesn’t seem to be outputting any signal at all. What am I missing?


240519-mute_sequencer-01.vcv (2.7 KB)

disconnect the run on the sequencer, it is looking for a high gate and not the trigger that the clock sends for run

or better yet, connect the gate from your keyboard note and gate the sequencer run/stop

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Thanks for the suggestion, that was really helpful.

I got something working, but connecting the midi keyboard gate to the clock behaves a little weird. For some reason the sequence doesn’t sync with the CV, and lags behind 1 note. In other words I have to press the key twice before the sequence jumps to the correct step.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or I’m not using it correctly, but I had to connect a really fast beat to the clock input so it updates as soon as I press a key.

There’s a 1 sample delay on the CV going into the sequencer because of the offset/scale module so the gate is clocking the module before the new CV is present at the CV input. Run the gate through a multiple then into the clock input and it should behave the way you want it to.


That did the trick. I wasn’t aware of these synchronization issues before, thanks for the tip!