Not enough modules to fix the flaw

It’s getting suspicious. Not having a single proper song might not be the result of a missing module.




Have you invested in payed modules?

You just haven’t found the songwriting module yet

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Buy the Premium ones!1

You just need to discover whatever the 2022 equivalent of a donk is and put that on it.



Can you please explain, for the ignorant like me, what a proper song is?
And which modules are needed to make one?
And how do I know if I’ve ever done a proper song?


Having no formal musical education I can’t really decide myself. I test my tunes with the PSI-101 (Proper Song Indentifier):


Use what you’ve got so far, and call it “Post Jazz”.

Follow my modus operandi: plug things into other things. Eventually noise will come out.


my very first electro music full concept album will be named “randomize mother earth”. I miss a module that selects a random module from a random collection and patches random cables :broccoli: