not able to run or use befaco modules

everytime i open vcv rack, i get this message. and i cant update the modules or cant use it. please help!!! error

My first idea would be to throw the “Befaco-2-4.0-win-x64.vcvplugin” and “Befaco-2-4.0-win.vcvplugin” files in the trash, start up Rack, and see if it offers to update it.

Later … wait, it has both “…win-x64.vcvplugin” and “…win.vcvplugin” files? What’s up with that? (Mac user here, so maybe that’s normal.)

the main issue is that the specific files that are causing the error are not even there… ive tried to delete befaco forlder, it comes back, and never updates.

Did you also remove the 2 (dot)vcvplugin files ?

there are no files with those extensions…!!

Can you see all file -extensions ?

Can you download this file ?

the bottom widows one and put it in the documents/Rack2/plugins/ folder.

Do you get a "this file already exist do you want to overwrite it " ?

Thank you so much… i found out that the missing file were not place in the befaco folder they were placed inside the plugin folder, i copied the 2 files with the vcvplugin extension to the befaco folder, and vcv ran without any error, and it updated the plugins and now i can use befaco in vcv… Thank you so much .

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