Norton 360 interferes with installation of VCV Rack

This evening - after a period of hesitation as my system ran smoothly thus far - I installed VCV Pro 2.0.6. A couple of things jumped out at me: first, the problem with the audio connection of the standalone version seems to be still there: when launching VCV standalone, my soundcard is adressed, audio drops out and only returns after about 5 seconds or thereabouts. (This problem does not exist with Rack 1.) A second, new phenomenon: my Norton antivirus gave a data protection warning. This did not happen with previous updates. I had to disable data protection to get VCV 2.0.6 Pro to install unhindered. To complete information: I’m on an up to date win 10 system running VCV Pro 2.0.6. (Mostly as a VST with Bitwig 4.1.2.)

3rd party anti-virus software is a scourge and are always more trouble than they are worth. No software can protect against their crazyness. I highly advice all Windows users to only use the built-in Defender, which is more than adequate.

Regarding your audio problem - if it’s when opening a previous patch, and the samplerate of the audio module in that patch is different than the rate defined in your OS/the interface, that could be the issue. Just change the samplerate to the one you’ve chosen in the OS and save the patch. Now try and close and re-open the patch. If you’re still getting that 5 second audio dropout try and disable (better: un-install) Norton and try again. If it’s still there make a support ticket with VCV Support.


In addition to what Lars wrote, here’s another excellent reason to get rid of it.

I could not agree more. Anti-Virus for private use is pure snake-oil, it opens up more vulnerabilities to your system and the business model of most antivirus-companies is more then shady… Windows Defender is all you ever need.

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Thanks @mosphaere and @LarsBjerregaard . I’ve always wondered about this third party antivirus stuff. On my previous pc I was completely offline so no need for an antivirus. Everything just ran well. Now, I’ve purchased a new laptop and need to be connected, and the antivirus just messes everything up. Google doesn’t help because most sites say “yes you definitely need a 3rd party antivirus, buy this one, it’s the flavour of the week”. So your average technologically challenged person like me is left dumbfounded as to what to do. I will prefer to take advice from people like you guys who (from what I’ve read on this forum) knows their stuff.

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Norton 360 probably interferes because… it analyzes the VCV binary and makes the observation that it utilizes the GPU pretty heavily, thus taking away resources from their crypto mining.


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