Noob q... volume & vibrato

Just getting into this - after following this tutorial, I wanted to understand the separate basic modules better so decided to make a really small assembly.

I’m trying to get aftertouch to control “vibrato”; I can get that effect by wiggling the VCO freq knob, but haven’t figured out how AFT should route.

Also, I’m trying to figure out how to control volume with aftertouch as well. (I think I may need another VCA?)

I may not be setting this up correctly… any tips?


What you are doing with your hand,(wiggling the freq knob) can be done with an LFO. ( so add an LFO) First you need to connect the sin out of the lLFO to the VCO, in this case you can use the FM input. Now open the FM attenuverter a little an the sound should start to “wobble” set the rate with the freq knob of the LFO. But now you want to control the amount with the aftertouch, You need to add a VCA ( yes you are right) connect the AFT out to the top input of the VCA. Now take the FM input from the VCO and connect it to the in of the VCA. Last step connect the VCA out back to the FM in of the VCO. Now start adjusting everything to taste.

Oooh look a picture :


thanks! Dang, that was fast :slight_smile: Still setting mine up!

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