Non library modules don't get recognized by rack

Hi there, so I’ve dld some patches that are broken due to the modules being removed from the library. I’ve downloaded them from the devs websites and placed in the exact folder where the other plugs ins are. Multiple restarts yet rack will not recognize them. Am I missing something or is this just how it is? Any help is appreciated.

Did you follow the instructions in the vcv manual that tell how to do this?

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Are the downloaded modules compatible with your Rack version? IOW, modules made for Rack 1 won’t work with Rack 2.

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which modules? have you links to them (to the downloads)?

I just want to add, from the library instructions:

" The “major” version (i.e. MAJOR .MINOR .REVISION ) must match between Rack and its plugins. For example, Rack 2.* can only load 2.* plugins."

the most common mistake is downloading all the source from github thinking it’s the plugin they are downloading. I guess we will find out if OP reports back.