noise plethora bank control q

Can someone help me figure out how to get control of Noise Plethora blank selection in some other way (e.g., mapping, cv control) than mouse-click-n-hold on the module knob?

TLDR; no you can’t.

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ok. thks. maybe I can just use 8Face.

Just to check, what is the use case here? Is it you want to sequence between programmes in different banks? As dev, we need to keep it close to hardware but might a context menu to squash everything into a single bank help? You already have CV control over the program, just not the bank. Need to check with befaco obviously

Thanks for your questions! Yes, I want to be able to sequence or otherwise get control of selections across banks without having to click the mouse on the button all the time. I understand wanting to approximate hardware as much as possible, but for me, VCV is not just an emulation of hardware, so I am always exploring what is possible within the bounds of VCV. Hence the questions…to see what is possible :slight_smile: