Noise Engineering beta plugins

I heard you guys (and girls) like free plugins: You’ve got beta plugins! — Noise Engineering



(That is german expression for “I thought, Noise Engineering is coming to VCV - damn, no they don’t - but that sounds nice - oh, and they will eventually release a BIA as VST - ok, I got VCV Host”)

“They appear not to work in VCV Rack”.

Yeah they seem to load into Host, but then I can’t seem to map anything to the instance.

Where are the free plugins? I signed up, but could not find the free plugins! Is this a joke?


There you are, and it is not a joke. But they are not working in VCV Host…

No joke. I haven’t tried them in host, only Ableton so far, and they work a treat.

could we stop talking about using them in VCV rack until the makers say the work? They clearly say they don’t work in VCV. End of story, for now?


I would like to continue this conversation by pointing out that if you, like me, use VCV Rack as part of an integrated set-up with other musical instruments, hardware and software synths and DAWs, then you might enjoy the plugins mentioned earlier in this post.

Note, they do not work in VCV Host.


here on Win10 at least Virt Vereor ( I didn’t try the other vsts yet) is working
and I can modulate the parameters in host.

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I got them to mostly work in VCV Host - couldn’t adjust the settings but you can CV into the jacks on Host and control the different parameters with CV.

a short video of the Virt Vereor in VCV,
I can edit it and modulate the parameters via host
(the other NE vsts work here too)

It sounds very good, so is Virt Vereor a synth? I have looked at them. Are the other ones as good?

I also noticed you have used the RPJ Filters, I have tried a couple of them, they seem a little different in their sound palette, what is the best sound to use them on -a saw/bass? Is it possible to look at the patch, just so I can see the RPJ filters are doing?

Just my 5 cents here - subscribed, downloaded, installed it and at least both synths (Sinc Vereor and Virt Vereor) work fine in VCV (via Host).

Yep - “Use worker thread” → Off, and hey run in Host.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think the patch is usefull,
as I just chained all of them
and I put noise in the first of the chain and a kind of hihat sound is the result.
So not much use to get an idea of the modules,
I just wanted to test if they work ok.

and here is a patch with all the NE vsts

Ok thanks, I’ll set up a patch and give them a good try out. Also not your problem I know but would it be possible to see the patch with the NE Vsts on here not on Facebook? Much appreciated.

New version 5596 of the plugins COMPLETELY fixes all GUI issues for me. Give these a try if you haven’t already updated. All features + MIDI mapping (Faderfox EC4) are now working as expected.

The hint for me was the status update e-mail from NE that reads:

“We have spent a fair amount of time these past two weeks trying to optimize some graphical issues people were having, and we’re hoping these are better now. Please let us know either way!”

Got excited about that above bit and sure enough, it was warranted. Looking good NE!

Woah. Thanks for the heads up! Seems to run fine in Rack with the worker threads turned off. Only tried Virt Vereor so far but it sounds quite awesome and unique!

I bet they heard from Rack users, and downloaded Rack to see what the problem was. I get the feeling other VST hosts had similar problems.

I got the update note as well.