No sound with default tutorial on Mac


I downloaded VCV Rack Free 2.4.1 on my Macbook M2 Pro (16" 2023), started it up, have the default tutorial patch, selected the MacBook Pro Speakers (1-2 out) as my output device, hit some keys on the keyboard and can see levels, but no sound is coming out. Any ideas?

Probably nothing to do with your problem, but why did you install the X64 version and not the ARM64, seeing that you’re on a M2 ?

You need to open up the filter.

Also unrelated to the issue (still about 99.2% sure it is a “too low cutoff value on the lowpass” situation), but I am in the same boat than the thread opener here, and I would go as far as recommand using X64, until all plugins are ported to the ARM version, because I have a lot of people asking why the plugins they selected in the library are not on their computer, just because they are not ported yet and that is confusing when you start with VCV…


It is. The OP has fiddled with the default patch, and disconnected the right-most envelope generator from the filter, therefor the filter is not opened and no sound is coming out.

The default patch looks like this:

@ihasmax Start a new patch with File->New, and before you fiddle with this default patch, just select your MacBook Pro Speakers (1-2 out) as you output device again and I guarantee you sound is coming out when you play on the computer keyboard.