No sound on Macbook pro M1 Max MacOs Monterey with VCV Rack Free 2.1.2


I installed VCV rack a few months ago on a very old Macbook 2013, Intel processor, and it did work.

Now I ported all my system into a brand new Macbook Pro M1 Max run-on Monterey, and I can do whatever I want, I have absolutely no sound…

I strictly reproduced the template from the Getting started section of the manual, double checked everything, Midi>CV is on computer keyboard and QWERTY keyboard (US) (mine is french Belgium, but this should not be a problem), and AUDIO is on Core Audio, internal speaker. Everything ‘should’ work, but something does not. Nothing lights up, all modules and voltages stay strictly at 0% and 0.000v…

Is is MacOs Monterey? Is it the M1 Max ARM? I do not have a usb midi keyboard to try another input… I could use a field recorder as an alternative output, but this does not seem to me the problem…

Is there a patch that I can build that would generate V/OCT and Gate randomly, just to try and bypass mac keyboard input?

Thanks a lot already for all the help you can offer, as it is awfully frustrating to have that new powerful mac that does… no sound :-/


did you allow Rack to access the Microphone (that also lets it output sound, not just input), Microphone is a misnomer, but that’s what it’s called in the Security & Privacy System Preference pane?


Thanks for the suggestion, but yes I did check that and it was already allowed (access to microphone for VCV rack 2 Free checked).

I did try to unable it, then VCV suddenly is at 22.5% AVG, and the ADSR envelopes are drawn. VCO FERQ led is lit, but still no sound nor keyboard input. Re-enable microphone access to VCV RACK Free has no positive effect (return to 0% AVG and no ADSR envelopes shown…).

I did achieve to have the regenera patch to work and generate music. So, it’s not a problem of audio, nor VCV RACK 2 Free on M1 Max…

It has then something to do with the midi>cv from my keyboard…

Could you pleaqse share a screen shot of your setup? I suspect you need to disconnect the modwheel port from VCV MIDI to CV to the VCA, but I could be wrong. If problems persist, please email


Without the modwheel port from VCV MIDI to CV to the VCA, the VCA was responding to the LFO input all the time.

I don’t know what I had wrong… Since then creating a new patch works perfectly, with sometimes an erratic crack depending on the number of cores chosen, refresh rate hz, and sample rate/block size, but this has got also maybe something to do with the Rosetta 2/Intel port. Maybe the transfer from Mac Intel to ARM had some stuff wrongly updated if any.

When could we expect to have a Mac M1 (Pro, Max, Ultra…) native version?