No sound in VCV Rack Free 2.0.5

First day testing out VCV but I had no luck. I fire up the default patch and select “ASIO4ALL” driver. The meters are moving but there is no sound? Any suggestions?


I can’t see your screenshot.

Have you selected an output device? (window below the driver selection)

What sample rate and block size are you running asio at?

There’s a known problem with Rack 2.0.5. They default the sample rate and buffer size and that doesn’t always work correctly. This has been logged as a bug, and I’m hoping they resolve it soon.

Maybe try DirectSound for audio device? And get a proper ASIO driver for your sound device and stop using ASIO4ALL.

I’ve seen reports like this enough times to know that it’s a 2.0.5 issue, luckily not for me. But it would be helpful if you’d say what your Computer/OS/Audio Adapter is.

I, too, have heard bad things about using asio4all with vcv. Never observed that myself, but I’ve never used asio4all.

Based on various reading recently, I recommend trying WASAPI before DirectSound.

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Thanks for the advises. I was not aware of the ASIO4ALL bug. Works fine with WASAPI.

My experience with Rack 1.x was that when I was forced to update to an audio device with a proper asio driver (UR22C) that I got much better audio performance - no more clicks and pops. Of course I was updating from an absolutely ancient PCI card from M-Audio.