no output from the audio-8 module

hi all! im trying to record a patch i made but it doesnt seem like there’s any audio coming from the audio-8 module. attaching screenshot and patchstorage.


“From device” in Audio-8 means the inputs (microphones/line ins) of the hardware. You need to feed the same signal into the “To device” inputs of Audio-8 and the audio recorder modules.

Looking at the jacks in your patch, there don’t’ seem to be any active (coloured) ones which are connected to the audio module - not sure the audio module is receiving any signal from your picture.

Can I suggest you try a much simpler patch to debug - just connect the output of a VCO directly to the audio module with nothing else?

Hi, the audio that you are trying to record, can be recorded from within the patch. It looks like you connected the master recorder to the inputs of the Audio module.

Try connecting the master recorder to the same outputs of the last mixer device that is going to the Audio core output.