No Mailing List Delivery

Hi, I have not received any posts sent to my email via the Mailing List system since 7th August. The option is still active in my Prefs. I emailed Andrew a few days ago but haven’t heard from him yet.

Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks, Chris.

Sorry guys, just bumping this one - anyone else’s mailing list stop sending?

I did email @Vortico but had no reply yet.


I’m not sure what you mean by “Mailing List” - do you mean notification emails from this forum?

That’s working for me, using these settings:

Hi @Richie,

There at the bottom of your screenshot “Enable mailing list mode” - ALL posts are (well they were until 7 Aug) emailed to me where I could use a filter to sort them in my local folders.

Yours is unchecked.

Understood. I’ve enabled that - let’s give it a few hours and see what happens.


No need to wait - I’m reliably receiving an email for every post now.

Here are my other related settings:


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Thanks @Richie. This is weird for me. Hopefully the support team can sort it out soon.

maybe a cookie thing ? remove the cookie(s) and try again ?

Not sure what you mean. Do emails have cookies? :confused:

No but the settings of the site are stored in cookies.

Nope. Deleted the cookie and restarted. Still no email deliveries :cry:

Would have been nice if it worked…too bad :frowning_face:

I just tried to PM @Vortico but got a message that he is not accepting messages at the moment (odd). I still haven’t received a reply to the email I sent to a few weeks ago.

Damned if I know what to do next :confused: