No Jack driver in Rack built from source

Hi, I was able to built Rack from source on my Linux box, but there is no Jack driver in the Audio-8 (or -16) plugins. The binary distribution had it, but that was unstable with my setup. Should I enable Jack support during the build process? Thanks in advance, Mate

I haven’t enabled it and still have the choice in Audio-8. iirc you only had to enable pulse support explicitly.

Maybe others will be more helpful but have you tried

Thanks! No I didn’t try SkJack yet. I’ve seen some older posts claiming that it’s more stable (and performant) than the VCV implementation. Is it still the case? Is there a preferred way of using Rack under linux?

I think so, I use it since it came out but haven’t really compared performance with the Audio-8 (which I use with alsa only), since I haven’t run into issues with it.

Thanks again, that’s really useful info!

do you have all the dependencies satisfied?