No bridge in the audio unit

Hi Everyone,

First, at all thank you for the amazing job with this software!!

I tried to connect VCV rack with Ableton. I can have Bridge on the midi side and I have the signals that they pass through one software to the other, but Bridge doesn’t appear in the audio interface, so I can not have any audio signal from VCV to Ableton. If I click in the window device it appeared the list but Bridge is not there.

Seems it miss something, but I have followed all the instruction.

Did this happen to someone?

Have you looked here ?

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Hi, I sort out the problem. I did not set everything right in the first place.
Now everything is working fine with ableton too.

@Yeager 404, new link?

Note: VCV Bridge is deprecated and unsupported. It will be removed in Rack v2. See Is VCV Rack available as a VST/AU/AAX plugin for DAWs?

Try the link in :man_shrugging:

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Don’t use Bridge, it’s deprecated. You can use virtual midi and audio interfaces instead and have the same result.

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