NLnRi's Luci series: Visual Walls and Awesome Sounds

The Luci series has completely captivated me. It’s so simple, yet that simplicity leads to endless possibilities. You can create patterns by tweaking voltages and pauses to link multiple Cells. It invites you to notice the smallest things. I highly recommend exploring the original sound installation work by José Manuel Berenguer—that’s really inspiring for creativity. And above all, it’s beautiful. I’m sharing a few videos of my Luci systems here, and I’ll likely add more. One of the systems has a public VCV file available for download, and you can find the link in the video description.

Looking forward to connect with other Luci users here and exchange ideas~

Link to my Luci videos:


Hello there, I have tried these a number of times. But never got anything useable. Are the patches you created available to share on VCV Patch storage or even on here? Much appreciated.


Hi there, here’s the link: luci patch file

The Luci manual comes with a demo file you can download and explore. In my Luci video playlist, I’ve provided some info about the system in each video’s description. Take a look!


For the inspiration behind the Luci series racks and J. M. Berenguer’s sound installation work “Luci, sin nombre y sin memoria,” you can check out this video (turn on your language translation subtitles).

Well I have downloaded the file and it doesn’t work for me, both the Luci demo title and the one you provided. I’m on Windows 11. 2.46 VCV rack. A shame, I’m glad you got these to work.

Hi Ady could you try this one ?

240613_Luci for Ady .vcv (7.1 KB)

Choose the right audio driver and hit “UNMUTE”

Then start turning knobs.

DISCLAIMER : I have no ff íng clue how this works or what it does, but at least I got some sound out of it.

Thanks, I have got one of Weii’s Luci Noisebox to work from the You tube channel. But there is no Luci modules in sight. I’ll give yours a go and see what happens. Much appreciated. Still no joy with your version either! Oh well!

What do you expect to happen ?

Hi Ady, I just checked the patch file, and it opens fine on my computer. The modified Yeager version also works without any issues. I’m using macOS Ventura 13.3 and VCV version 2.5.1. I’m not sure what might have caused you to lose the Luci racks. Have you downloaded all the necessary racks from the VCV Library? Thanks for your reply.

The version 2.51 could be the issue. Anyone else found this problem? Yeager are you on 2.51 yet

the same problem here, I’m using VCV 2.5.2
and the LUCI modules don’t load at all.
I’ve tried all three noisebox patches.

Oh the modules don’t load for you ?

I’m on windows 10 VCV 2.5.2 and Luci V2.0.0

VCV 2.41 also works


I can load these modules from the browser here,
but they don’t get loaded when I load the noisebox patches

Could you attach a noisebox patch for me to look at/load ?

NVM I got them , where is your user folder ? Mine is still in documents.

Could you make a clean patch with only the 4 modules above and attach that here ?

I’ve made this clean patch,
it loads fine here
Luci_noisebox_test_01.vcv (606 Bytes)

Don’t you have a game to watch ? :wink:

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Can you load this ? (I just made some useless connections and resaved the patch.

Luci_noisebox_test_01 and now.vcv (824 Bytes)

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the game was paused because of the bad weather :wink:
and now is halftime break
I could load your patch, now I extended it a bit with some modules.
Luci_noisebox_test_01 and now_2.vcv (1.5 KB)

But I also can’t load the LUCI example patch from the manual here:
NLNRI_VCVRackPlugins/ at master · NonLinearInstruments/NLNRI_VCVRackPlugins · GitHub
I get a json parser error when I try to load it.

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Loaded and resaved and added a few more NLnR modules :

Luci_noisebox_test_01 and now_3.vcv (1.7 KB)

Just resaved :

Luci8x8_base Resaved.vcv (8.6 KB)


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