Nik's Noodles

A first experiment with ZZC’s new Phaseque sequencer.

This is a quite incredible sequencer with shades of SugarBytes about it, and in the right hands would, I think, be capable of sequencing performances of ROLIesque subtlety.

I didn’t do that. I concocted a cacophony :slight_smile:


digging this cacophony a lot! i like these sounds n how you are kind of glitching through them in various ways. Is this thing worth the $30 would you say? From what i can hear it must be using voltage changes to step through the sequences instead of regular clock pulses?


Cheers Adi. Yes and yes to your questions. The manual is not finished yet and I have only got my head round about 2/3 of it. The other 1/3 - around the pattern sequencer block on the left - a little mysterious still. I’m still not entirely clear how the voltages work either.

I think it is quite brilliant though and you would enjoy it.

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My first piece for a long time. Sources, sequencing (Turing Machines), mixing and ‘mastering’ in Wavesfactory Cassette are in VCV, with Mutable Beads handling the bed and a 4MS DLD processing the clarinet in the second half. Sorry there is not a better video.

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A little ambient noise.

Unfiltered Audio’s Sunder is the key to this patch.