NiftyBUNDLE - The ultimate starter Eurorack?

Hey folks

I’ve been reading up on the just introduced NiftyCase and especially the NiftyBUNDLE, and I must admit I’m mighty tempted right now. It looks like a fantastic deal. What do you think?

The bundle consists of the NiftyCase + the Cellz sequencer + the Chipz dual VCO and LFO + cables + blanks … for 269 USD!!! That bundle is a ready to play Eurorack synth - connect MIDI in and audio out and you’re playing. Add in some nice slim modules and/or effects to taste and you’ve got a full blown modular.

The case is a nice looking 84hp case, with builtin power and connectors for 10 modules. It has some great basic/essential features built in with no additional modules required:

USB + DIN MIDI in, DIN MIDI through. The MIDI is converted to two channels of CV+Gate, a clock and a mod channel (for e.g. modulation wheel).

It has two audio out channels at the front which is summed to the (mono) audio Jack output on the back/top. So it’s a mono instrument unless you add an additional stereo audio out module.

So, no MIDI module required and no audio output module required. You can play e.g. two sequences straight into it via MIDI from e.g. VCV Rack, or some other external keyboard/gear/sequencers.

The case can be bought alone for 199 USD. Does anyone know of a similar case, with similar features, that is even remotely competitive? Remember to add in power, MIDI and audio out into the equation.

If that’s not enough, the really attractive bundle, on top of the case, for an additional 70 USD throws in:

2 blanks which exactly covers the empty space outside the two bundled modules + 6 patch cables, nice.

The Cellz module. This I think is a really interesting and versatile little module. It’s a grid of 16 touch pads, with two sets of CV+gate out and two trigger ins. Each cell has two(!) adjustable voltages and the module can be used as a dual 16-step bi-directional sequencer, with inbuilt quantizer, an arpegiator or a 16/32 value voltage generator/bank. Pretty neat. Bought alone it costs 99 USD.

The Chipz module which is a dual VCO + an LFO with two outs, all with adjustable waveforms and quite a soundpalette as far as I can tell. It seems to be a kind of chiptune style VCO, with one VCO having a filter and the other having adjustable pulsewidth (and PWM). Bought alone it also costs 99 USD.

I don’t know guys - that bundle (or just the case alone) seems like incredible value to me and perhaps the ideal starter Eurorack configuration at an extremely affordable price. Even if you get tired of one or both of the bundled modules in short time you could just chuck it out and it’s still a bargain.

I’m incredibly tempted right now :scream: What are your thoughts?

More info:


If I wanted to get into hardware at around that price point I’d rather start with something like a Behringer Neutron or K2.

Right, but as soon as you want to add another module you’re looking at a case, and then…

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I’m poor, I’d build my own / buy second hand.

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I think building your own you would have trouble beating that price. But yeah, there’s always second hand, but even then I imagine it’s hard to beat.

looks like great value for money


It looks like a cool case ! The modules aren’t really my style, but for the price it’s awesome ! Me i’ve been looking at the Erica synths Pico3 since it was released :slightly_smiling_face:also a great system for the price ! But i’m saving for a Digitone, so that will wait :sweat_smile: Go for it @LarsBjerregaard if you really feel like it ! Wait for some more demos, and if you think it suits you, click that order button :grin:

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For the case alone I’d rather go with a Doepfer one for the price

But don’t forget the missing MIDI in and audio out, and now it’s not cheaper anymore, or nicer!

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It’s very convenient for sure, but I suspect you will outgrow 84hp very quickly, and then you’d be back to square one ;).

Personally I’d start with a very robust Doepfer psu+rails bundle and build myself a cheap case, or even cheaper solder yourself a psu, the whole thing will cost you 30 Eur.

Then again I can see myself drilling a hole on the Nifty case side cheeks and harness its psu to power another case.

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Quick note: According to Perfect Circuit, the output is 1/4” stereo, not mono. Can anyone confirm one or the other?

The only thing like this that tempts me (and it’s not a real modular) is the Pico System 3 but I’m sure everyone here has seen that. edit: sorry i didn’t spot @Olival_Clanaro mentioning it.

They are making a eurorack version of the synth, so it could be a starter system to put in an other case :wink: It’s the same as the Boxed version, there is just a 50€ difference between the two versions (the eurorack mountable being the cheapest) It’s a real modular in my opinion :slight_smile: and it’s full analog too !

That would be very sweet! Unfortunately I doubt it. The official video about the case from the manufacturer clearly says that the two audio outputs are summed to the master Jack audio out. And notice how the two audio outs does not say Left and Right. I just re-read all the other articles and the one from Perfect Circuit is the only one saying stereo. I think they just saw two audio outs and thought “stereo” without listening closely to the video. This is the kind of important detail that manufacturers should clearly state on the product page, unfortunately they often skimp on that in favor of marketing. It doesn’t say either whether the case actually includes the external powersupply (wallwart/powerbrick) needed or whether you need to buy your own. Ah well, I’ll try and ask in the synthtopia comment section since it seems that someone official is answering there.

Interesting Lars!

On one of the reseller sites here, it has this for the NiftyCase, saying it has the power adapter and appropriate plugs

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And it’s on the official site too

And confirming the power is in the bundle too

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Is that how you read it? Because I read it as “there’s a nice powersupply with plenty of power in the case”, which is true, but you also need an external powerbrick to actually plug in to your wall and the power plug at the top/back and it doesn’t explicitely mention that, and is not shown on any of the reseller pages with the detailed “what’s in the package” pictures. For example they show a box of cables but no powerbrick. But I hope you’re right. It’s one of those little irritating details that is annoying to discover when you recieve it, like buying a phone with no charger and not having one that fits. I’ve never bought a Eurorack case before so I don’t know what’s just assumed or not, but I learned a long time ago to honor the motto - “Assumption is the mother of all fuckups” :slight_smile: I’ve left an inquiry on their contact page.

It says it has the blades for the various region power outlets, NA, EU, UK, AU. And that it has 15V 2.4A switching PSU - that would be the power brick.

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Agreed. I searched and couldn’t find better specs/manual that would answer the mono/stereo output question too.

Ok, that would be cool then. I’ve never heard the term “blades” used in connection with a powersupply, so I guess that’s one thing that threw me. Why can’t they just say “external powersupply included”… ah well, too easy then :slight_smile: