NI Kontakt 5 in VCV Host crashes VCV Rack. Solutions?

I would like to open NI Kontakt 5 (full version, 5.8.1(R43); VST2, 64-bit) inside VCV Host, but when attempting to do so, VCV Rack (v.2.4.1) is closed within a second without a warning or error message.

Player versions of Kontakt 6 and 7 works fine.

Anyone running Kontakt 5 in Host without issues? What can I do to resolve this problem?

Why do you continue to use outdated Kontakt 5, instead of 6 / 7 (full) ?

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Up to now, I was able to do everything I wanted to with Kontakt 5, so I could not really justify the update to a higher version.

I’ve tried loading 50+ different VSTs into Host today and only three, including Kontakt 5, seemed to cause problems.

So, I’d like to find out whether Kontakt 5 is compatible with VCV Rack or whether something is odd with my installation of the plugin.

If there are any users out there for whom Kontakt 5 loads well, I would assume that it is the latter. On the other hand, Kontakt 5 still runs fine in two different DAWs here.

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ask VCV

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is kontakt version 5 available only in vst2 ?

I remember a different plugin in host crashing because of it, tried the same plugin but vst3 and no more problem. vcv support can take a better look as already suggested :+1:

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Thank you all!

The problem has subsided after completely shutting down and rebooting the computer. At least I know what to do if/when the issue returns.

There is no VST3 for Kontakt 5. It was introduced with v6.

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