News of the Rack Week 52

Hello everyone in Rackland, here is the last edition of News of the Rack for this year. I don’t know where to post it, so Andrew feel free to move it to another location. Concerning Rack, there is no superlative that fits this year. I started News of the Rack, because there’s so much going on, that it’s hard to be up to date. At least I would loose the overview. And I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, so I keep on publishing as long as you produce the News. Thanks to everybody and have an amazing new year! :metal::sunglasses:
deutsche Version
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newsoftherack52deutsch.pdf (1.4 MB)
newsoftherack52english.pdf (1.4 MB)


Thanks a bunch Norbert, and I wish you a great new year too!

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BTW, I think you should just attach the PDF files directly, rather than zip files. More convenient to just click and read directly.

I tried, but pdf files are not allowed, so I zipped them :wink:

i would think ‘Announcements’ is the best category for this

and thanks again for doing this! happy new year!

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@Vortico - could you allow PDF attachments please? Thanks!

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