News of the Rack week 39-40/2020

Hello everyone in Rackland, here is another double issue of the News of the Rack, enjoy and stay safe. :metal: :mask:


Thank you!



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Unfortunately, I cannot view this news (english nor german). I always receive the Reload message. Direct download from the Github repo download it, but with empty content, and a file open error happened. Is it only me ? If yes -> Sniff :cry:, if no -> what happened ? Best regards Remo

Thanks so much!

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Hi @FenderBaba, have you tried different web browsers?

Hello mixer, Thank You for the Tip. I’m working with M$ Chrome Edge (latest version), and I tried it with the Firefox (latest version). On my Android Tablet with Opera (latest version), too. No success.

Have you tried to dowload it and open with a decent pdf viewer?Browsers are not always the best choice for pdf files.

For the record I also always get a “Reload” message - but then I click “Download” and I get a working PDF.

Does this URL lead to the same result?

Here it leads directly to the download (Firefox on iPad)

Hello Norbert, Thank You for the tip. The download from the repo gives me only a couple of bytes, not a pdf file. But then I tried to clone Your repo as a download ZIP file. And there are the newest news. I happy now. So, I have a workaround :smile:

Btw: Thank You very much for Your effort to create this News. Just great ! Best regards Remo

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Hello mixer, Yes, Success ! Your tip with the download button was successful, too. Thank You. Now, I’m happy and I can read the news :smile: We don’t know exactly, what’s happen from time to time in the World-Wide-Wilderness with all the devices, between Server and Client. Anyway, best regards Remo

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gracias Norbert

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