News of the Rack week 29/2020

Hello everyone in Rackland, I know you are desperately waiting for this weeks News of the Rack. So here they are, enjoy and take care :metal: :mask:


Hi Norbert! Thanks for showing my modules in these newsletters. I love reading them every week.

Just a small correction that the more.ideas module is based on less_concepts for monome norns. :slight_smile:

Norbert, excellent work again, on what appears to be a busy week in VCV Rack land

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sorry, is less_concepts not based on Monome norns? I am now somewhat confused.

Norns is a hardware device by monome that runs various scripts. In this case the VCV module is based on the less_concepts script. It is a bit confusing, I know!

I’m sorry to correct a correction, but I have to note that the quote in the introduction comes from myself and not @Xenakios who is the developer of the Atelier plugin.

I did make some small code contributions based on ideas from Xenakios, and I also implemented the initial changes to the Mutable Instruments UI based on an idea from @Yeager, and so in broad terms I could be considered “a developer” of the plugin but Xenakios is very much “the developer”, and I don’t want to put words in their mouth.

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thanks for the explanation

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ok, next week I publish the correction of the correction

Hey, thanks for writing about my modules in your newsletter too.

I’ve got to admit that I was very surprised to see them there, since I never announced this repo anywhere.

My son’s studying German, so he got a kick when I showed him the German verson of your newsletter.

By the way, the link to my repo in the back spreadsheet is wrong (the image link is correct).

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you’re very welcome, I like sniffing around to discover things that are not yet announced, thanks for the hint with the link, will be corrected :metal: :mask:

Thanks so much Norbert!

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@the1andonlydrno I didn’t realize someone did a weekly newsletter; this is super dope! Thanks for the shine :slight_smile:

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I‘m doing it for years, in the beginning also as Videos.