News of the Rack monthly 04/2019

Hello everyone in Rack-Land and welcome to the 4th edition of News of the Rack monthly, here’s the summary of events in April. :metal::sunglasses:


Having been kept ‘offline’ for most of the last few months due to medical issues, NOTR is an incredibly valuable resource in playing catch up.

Thanks as always Norbert for all your hard work… Truly appreciated!

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Thanks Nigel, always good to hear, that my work makes sense. I hope you are feeling better now and I am looking forward to new editions of Talking Rackheads. Your videos were great inspirations to me.

Take care :metal::sunglasses:

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Hey cool!

I was fast forwarding through and saw the surge screenshots. We are super excited about this project, but surge in rack isn’t really close to ready for folks to start using yet - when it is @oddy.o.trax or I will do an announcement here with binaries too. But right now I’m regularly changing head with non backwards compatible changes and the panels aren’t even designed. I’m hoping that by the end of the month or so we have all the stages available as well designed and clean modules. (Right now we have the envelope and wave shaper stage finished; and the oscillator, LFO and FX stage in a rough alpha).

If you want to know what’s coming, though, download the surge VST or AU at and imagine each of the stages as a separate Rack module for your patching pleasure!


I already did and they look very promising, unfortunately I haven’t found the time to play with them yet. But I will do as soon as possible. :metal::sunglasses:

Maybe a little later than possible would be more satisfying! :slight_smile: The AU and VST2/3 full synth implementation is rock solid on mac linux and windows - that should come out of beta this month - but the rack module refactorings are still very much being developed. Thanks for highlighting it of course!