News of the Rack #01/2020

Hello everyone in Rackland, sorry for being late but I am still sick with a cold and it’s hard to concentrate when you can barely breethe. So here it is. :metal::sunglasses:


Is there any chance my “Psychedelic December” challenge/playlist could get a bit of a mention? I know it’s not that notable but I did do a patch and Youtube video for every day of December (though due to personal circumstances they were not as insane or experimental as I would have liked).


Thanks for mentioning the update to Seq++. Hope it hits the plugin manager soon so that others can try the xforms.

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Hah, I took a look at the previous issue (#26) and now I’m really curious how you found that screencap of my module in development, since your picture includes my debug output, which I thought I avoided posting. Did you actually compile my dev branch to get it? I’m sorry it’s such an horrible mess :smiley:

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all of your videos are part of my last 2 playlists, normally music videos will not be otherwise mentioned, because that would be too much for me, but because of the special nature of your project, I can make an exception in the next issue :metal::sunglasses:

and I hope that I am soon fit enough to check it out and finally make some music again, I think I will use the Seq++ in the current Very Cool Patch Challenge… :metal::sunglasses:

Hi, oh yes, I look twice a day on github for new modules and compile them asap, so sometimes I mention wip modules, I think it is a vital part of VCV-Rack see what is in developement :metal::sunglasses:


Okay, sorry, I obviously didn’t look closely enough. I need to read a little more closely.

Again, my apologies.

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no need to apologize, all is well

Just a note to say how much I enjoy reading the NotR. Thank you, Norbert, you are appreciated ! :slight_smile:


Only twice a day ?! :grinning:

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