New white noise sample and hold 8 channel module, please beta test


I developed my first VCV Rack module, something I wanted for my Eurorack system for a long while. Please test and tell me if you like the idea. I find it quite playable. It’s an 8 channel white noise with sample and hold module, with a global “spread” function for a bit of playability.

Also plan to build something like an 8 channel attenuation thing, and perhaps a slew limiter for some playability and add some fun functionality.

/ Patrik


I built your plugin for mac,linux, and windows on the toolchain, using the latest SDK 2.1.2

Just let me know when you want them removed / a newer version is released, in the library or otherwise.



I cloned your repo and built commit 9d3d4a6 using v2.1.2 of the Rack 2 SDK on my Mac running macOS Monterey 12.4.

It installed in VCV Rack 2 Pro v2.1.2 OK and showed up in the module browser OK.

Some thoughts:

  1. Make the components layer in your SVG file invisible, as it shows through the controls when you put the module into Bypass mode.
  2. Should the panel label for the Gate inputs really be labelled Trigger?
  3. Maybe have a Trigger All trigger which causes a sample and hold on all eight noise sources at once?
  4. EDIT: Maybe have “hold” switches for each row so that you can manually ignore an incoming trigger for “safety” reasons? Please ignore. Silly suggestion! :slight_smile:
  5. The CV input enables you to attenuate the noise into negative values. Is that OK? Please ignore this one. I didn’t understand what the module was doing.
  6. I really like that the output attenuation only occurs on the next sample and hold trigger. :slight_smile:
  7. All preset functions work (save, load, copy and paste a preset between two instances of the module in the same patch).
  8. Duplication with and without cables works.

Great idea for a module! :+1:

I’ve attached the test patch I used: 2022-07-22-rnsh.vcv (1.4 KB)

Very useful input, thank you! Will definitely fix point 1, never used bypass, but I see it now. Point 2, will fix.

Regarding point 3, maybe I will have all gate inputs normalised from the above gate. So if there is a gate on the first input, the rest will follow. I don’t think anyone expect the raw white noise anyway, and if you want it, just do not use the first gate/s&h.

I don’t understand your point 4, why do you want to ignore the triggers? Will have to think about that one.

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It might be best to ignore point 4 as it would make the module more complex that it needs to be. I can just control when the input triggers are sent from the source. :slight_smile:

I fixed the issues now and bumped the version number. @Jens.Peter.Nielsen If you want to you can rebuild it now.

It is done.

It’s included in the library now, so you can remove the builds if you want. Thank you!