New Venom Compact & Flexible Mixers / VCAs and more

Venom 2.2.0 has been released.

Please don’t ignore the documentation! There is valuable information there to help you make the most of the modules. But below is a summary of the new modules and features.

New Modules

MIX 4 is inspired by the VCV Fundamental CV MIX, but with many added features

  • An extra 4th input
  • A final mix amplifier/attenuator
  • Multiple modes (scaling ranges) for the knobs
  • Knobs for unpatched inputs show the resultant constant voltage instead of a scaling factor
  • Options for final mix DC offset removal
  • Options for final mix hard clipping, or soft clipping (saturation)
  • The soft clipping option includes an option for oversampling to reduce/eliminate aliasing that can be produced by very hot signals. Most (all?) existing modules with soft clipping do not control aliasing.

MIX 4 STEREO is simply a stereo version of MIX 4

VCA MIX 4 is inspired by the VCV Fundamental VCA MIX, but again with added features

  • All the features of MIX 4, plus…
  • Significantly more compact than the VCV module by using knobs instead of faders.
  • Unpatched inputs in CV mode can produce constant CV, just like MIX 4
  • VCAs can be configured for linear or exponential response
  • VCAs can be unipolar (“normal” VCA), or bipolar (ring modulator)
  • Patched VCA outputs can optionally be excluded from the final mix
  • A CHAIN input without attenuator to chain modules without sacrificing any of 4 VCAs. If all 4 VCA outputs are patched and the exclude option is enabled, then the CHAIN coupled with the MIX knob can function as a 5th VCA.

VCA MIX 4 STEREO is simply a stereo version of VCA MIX 4

Global Plugin Enhancements

  • Each Venom plugin parameter (knob, switch, button, etc.) has been given context menu options to lock or unlock the parameter.
  • Each Venom plugin module has been given module context menu options to lock or unlock all parameters of that module instance.
  • The new parameter lock/unlock options do not apply to Rhythm Explorer as it already had its own parameter locking implementation.

Behavior Changes

  • Recurse Stereo: The right input now remains normalled to the left input when bypassed, which in turn can affect the bypassed right output.


  • Removed the hidden VCO that will never be released. When/if I do release a VCO, it will be entirely different code.

Ooh Nice!!! Thanks Dave, these look great!

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Thank you Dave, I’ll try them ASAP ! :ok_hand: :wink:

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Good stuff Dave!

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Those “basic” (not so basic actually) modules are very welcome, thank you for your time and good work !

Simple in appearance but deep enough, compact and easy to read, they’re perfect for what I want out of those utilities…

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That is exactly what I was shooting for! Thanks for the feedback.

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haha, yeah. I always wanted to make stuff that was straight forward, usable, legible. Not everyone is into that, but some people are. These look nice.


Totally agree. These additions, like wincomp and bernoulli switch, add so many welcome and intuitive possibilities that otherwise would need one or more auxiliary modules. And you’ve done it without interfering with the original functionality it is inspired by. Great job.


Thank you so much!