New VCV Plugin documentation

I notice that the VCV gang released new plugins, but with zero documentation.

Mostly they’re self explanatory, but it’s still nice to get a rundown of what is going on. Like Process, I can give some guesses:

  1. It will sample the input when it gets a gate in the GATE input. What’s the difference between S&H1 and S&H2?
  2. How does T&H output work? What is H&T?
  3. What are the Slew and Glide outputs? How do they differ?
  4. What voltage scale is in effect? Is it bipolar? Unipolar? Is it configurable?

I can figure out most of these things for myself by experimenting, but only because I have the experience to experiment and get answers. Novice users will be at sea.

  1. Output is bipolar. Scale determined by input level (see #2)
  2. There’s no internal noise that’s used if no ‘IN’ is connected. 3, Gude affects different outputs differently. In particular I can’t see what’s going on with the ‘Slew’ and ‘Glide’ outputs.


I’ve never made a module with no documentation, but if no docs is the new normal I guess it will save devs some time.

At lease with @synthi if you have a question about one of his (undocumented) modules, he’ll answer you within a day or two. :grin:

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for sure, he makes up for no manual in various ways!

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