New User Patches and also Rack unable to open patches from PatchStorage

I am new here and decided to give the free version a go, is there patches that you could download as a starting point.

Be aware many of them are for Rack 1, so there might be some missing modules that haven’t yet been ported to Rack 2

Search up Omri Cohen and VCV Rack Ideas on YouTube, I’m sure there are others as well. Some modules in their videos might still not be available for VCV2 but they will definitely help you get started.

Feel free to ask any questions here that you might have too.

And welcome.

Thanks, I am new to this any information will help.

I tried but it seems the free version can not open patches from Patchstorage

Hi @djjuniorpops! Happy to help with this but will need a little more information. What exactly happens when you’re running Rack V2 and try to open a Patchstorage patch that you downloaded? And what system are you on (Windows, Mac, Linux)?

I can verify this behaviour - on Mac here Rack 2.02.

VCV crashes and when you reopen as long as you don’t click to clear the patch on the crash dialog it will open the patch up.

I am using a Mac mini M1 running Mac OS 11.6.1

See Image

Just loaded some from patchstorage, and they were OK. But I’m on Windows

Just tried that patch and it’s OK in Windows. Looks like a Rack/module bug on mac

Me too, also OK, also on Windows (Pro V2.0.2).

@djjuniorpops, thanks for the image. Can you post a link to that patch? (I tried searching for “Soft Piano” and nothing came up; EDIT: @PaulPiko got it; thanks! That one works fine too.) Do you get that with every patch you download from PatchStorage?

@pgatt, sounds like you’re seeing a crash rather than the “cannot open files” dialog, right? Sounds like we’ve got either one or two bugs, possibly Mac-specific…

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Every patch I download I get the message

Huh. But if you make your own patch, save it, close Rack, and open it, it’s fine, right?

@gc3 sounds likely.

If I make a patch and save , it open fine

Interesting. I’m not on Mac, but if you post two files–(1) a patch you downloaded that Rack can’t open; and (2) a patch you made that opens fine–I can take a look at them and see if anything jumps out.

Also, I think you’re probably good to contact VCV Support about this; you might want to include a link to this thread. (You might also considering editing the title of the thread to something like “Rack crashing when opening patches from PatchStorage” so others who might be experiencing the same thing can find it more easily).

This should get worked out soon! Thanks very much for taking the time to help with the bug. While you’re waiting for it to be fixed, building some patches from Omri’s tutorials would be a great way to get your feet wet…

I think I know what’s happening here and why it looks like two different bugs on second thought.

Mac users are used to dragging associated files onto the app icon to get them to open, but VCV doesn’t support that.

My crash was created by using File → Open. @djjuniorpops never got that far because VCV doesn’t open files that way I suspect. It’s not crashing every time for me - for instance I loaded that Soft Piano patch just fine.

Ah, good thought. @djjuniorpops, does using the file menu help?

If drag-and-drop is an issue, maybe it’s a platform-specific feature request?

@pgatt, do you want to upload or link to the one that crashed on your end?

Weird. Doesn’t crash now. Maybe I did something wrong.

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