New User, can anyone point me to one or two synth patches


I am in need of one or two basic polyphonic synthesizer patches that, I guess, only use the factory, most basic vcv modules.

Ring Mod if available and FM, but other than that just a simple polyphonic synth. I have limited time and hope to get playing with it a little bit quickly.


The fun of modular is to patch it yourself. And spending time with it :wink:

If you don’t want this you can find loads of good patches at

thanks for the link. I found this already, and the two synths I downloaded required many modules I then need to search for and download individually. I am hoping to get pointed to one or two poly synths that don’t need anything beyond the initial modules.

I’m not crazy about building synths each time from scratch. I prefer to build a few nice semi modulars and use those, only experimenting further occasionally. Anyway, I hope to get an easy way out here. I don’t want anyone to go out of their way but I figure someone may already know just the one to point me to. Otherwise, I’ll do my own eventually (argh)

SMS16 is monophonic, not sure about the others. I think Interzone is poly

Thank you, I appreciate the help.

Semiramis and incubus , those are mi favorites and Vult have the noxius and the vessek , trummor and knock (drum synth) too

hora have detour

sv have Alchemy, padington, big blue, eastside

and mokba proton and model v and x

VCV ha a drum machine

also you can load your vst in host

Ok, no one has posted the obvious. The default template that you get when you launch rack is polyphonic, and uses only the vcv modules that you already have.


plaits is also polyphonic with a built in gate input though the volume envelope controlsfor not needing to patch stuff every time, you can use stoermelder strip to save groups of modules with all the internal patching intact. or you can just make a template patch with the same sequencers and oscillators and modulation sources and use that every time. the thing with that though, is you’d want modules that are deep enough that you can pull a wide variety of expression out of them.