New test version of Squinktronix Phase Patterns.

You can get a build here

It has a bunch of new features, including polyphony. Should work a lot better than that last.

From the manual: "Phase Patterns is very simple - it takes an input clocks and delays it. The delay is in metric units, not absolute time. So, when the input clock rate changes, so does the shift amount.

There is also a built in shift generator that will over the course of ‘n’ clocks delay the output by ‘m’ clock. This is referred to as the “RIB generator”, for “Reich In a Box”, the original name of the modules.

There are many, many uses for this clock shifter, and most can be “unlocked” by feeding clever signals into the shift CV input.

Also, the module is fully polyphonic, so there is great potential for signal mangling.

The current [incomplete] manual is here


oh, ATM it looks like this:



I could drive percussionists crazy with this, but I love them, so I’ll try to keep it “in the box” :broccoli:

[edit] it was a long time since I was having fun with so few modules :joy:

this module feels like having Steve Reich + Joey Jordison + Merzbow all together LOL

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@Squinky this is a simple masterpiece :clap:

Thank you!