New Loco Modules - A Texture sampler and double pendulum LFO

Started making a collection of modules. For now there’s two: TEX and CHAOS.

TEX is a texture sampler. It can load a png file (but will crop it 256x256). Input X and Y value to choose where to sample and it will output RGB and HSL values converted to a voltage (0-10V). It’s also polyphonic meaning you can have multiple samples at once.

CHAOS is a chaotic LFO that simulates a double pendulum. The output cable is polyphonic with 6 channels:

  1. End pendulum X
  2. End pendulum Y
  3. First pendulum angle.
  4. End pendulum angle.
  5. First pendulum velocity.
  6. End pendulum velocity.

OSX and WIN build: Manual:


Link to the OSX build?

It’s there in the releases section on github, but I’ve added direct link to that as well.


Amazing modules. Running smooth on win 10

Thanks. Just watched a few videos on your youtube channel, some really nice content!

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After I set $RACK_DIR properly, it built just fine on Linux, and is an awful lot of fun to tinker with. I just have to find some PNG files that won’t get me in trouble.

Windows please :slight_smile:

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thanks but when I press load png file and choose some nothing is happened. try different png, different file names - same result. Windows

That’s very strange. It works from me (I have tried different png formats). Sorry: I don’t know :frowning:

sorry, this is bug from screenshot saver program, other png work fine!

thank you for the modules! one note - I’ve got zero volts at the bottom border when y = 10volts. and when y = 10 and x = 0 I’ve got strange trigger signal.

is it possible to have a built for linux?

@lukeperkin the CHAOS could become one of my favorite LFOs :+1:

Thanks, I’ve added this to the released page on github.

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Hey @lukeperkin and welcome to writing rack modules

and your modules look super cool

May help since you are releasing binaries yourself now, I wrote up a thing a while ago about using free azure pipelines to make github releases automatically for linux, macos, and windows on every push to master. Azure Pipelines for Github allows build of plugin

@lukeperkin I’m testing now your TEX module and noticing that CV input of Y axis doesn’t match with some of XY controller in VCV (from JW and from Voxglitch), it has such an inverted value of Y axis. Could you add invert Y axis option in right-click menu?

Yes, a specification for the XY controllers at the TEX module would be helpful. The knobs values are added to the incoming CV values? So the XY controllers are often leaving the picture range?

At the Chaos module I am missing a reset trigger input to stop the pendulums. Also it could not been used as LFO because the pendulums need a new kick after some time, it would be nice to have the possibility to switch this behavior off.

@VCVRackIdeas good point, I’ll make sure TEX and CHAOS have consistent co-ordinates with other modules by default. @jue CV in is added to the knob value but clamped, I’ll make sure to mention that in the manual. The pendulums should keep going for a decent time if you leave Dampen off, at the moment I’m using just Euler integration so it’s not the most accurate simulation, I think I could make it last even longer if I switch to RK4 or an energy conserving integrator.