New collaboration tool - Satellite Sessions

So, there is a new collaboration tool I came across that looks very interesting. I’ll preface by saying that I have absolutely no association with the company or the tool. I just found it interesting that you can collab with others, or even with yourself, across different computers and different DAWs. You can use your external hardware synths or software like VCV. It is presently free to download while they are in beta. Here is a video and there is a link to download in the YT description.


Looks good but I’d rather live and collaborate in real life, but you guys can build yer own prisons if you want. I guess it depends on what your conception of “real life” is, if you come at things with a pure naturalistic perspective or one that allows for the reality of the supernatural and spirit, unseen forces etc. ( Invisible allies as well as invisible enemies, to filp the current jargon)

I bet everybody would… Idk what country you are in, but many of us are into lockdown, and have been in lockdown on and off for a year now. So real collaboration isn’t an option not because we don’t want it, but because we can’t . And distance collaboration is i guess better than nothing :man_shrugging: .

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A very holy and wise saint allegedly said (paraphrasing) that you can choose how or whether you respond to threats and promises, remember that; it will probably come in handy.

Again, it depends on whether you have a purely materialistic conception of reality as to what your priorities in life are and what can be used as leverage against you.

ok, for the rest of us in objective reality, looks cool :slight_smile:


Reminds me of the Steinberg collaboration tool of way back, it had the same concept of the stream coming in and being “recorded” into the session.

Nice one :+1:t4:

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Should I take it that your ‘conception of reality’ just allows you to ignore any lockdown restrictions you might otherwise be subject too?

Dear all: please don’t bring arguments about the pandemic into this forum. Music-making, and this forum, are welcome places of escape from all that.

(Ideally we’d also keep meta-arguments about arguments about the pandemic out of here too. If you want to vent, feel free to DM me or each other, but please, not here.)


Nice plugin, works in Ableton but crushed VCV Rack while adding in Host. Asked the devs on Instagram on this issue, hope they would see.

I am not surprised that it doesn’t work Host. Seems to be made as an insert for audio tracks in the DAW. So, you have to record VCV to the DAW.