New Bytebeat Module: I would love some help creating equations!

Hello everyone,

I’m making good headway on a Bytebeat module! Are there any creative geniuses in the community who’d be interesting in coming up with new equations for it? It would be lovely to get some community involvement since people may have different approaches and ideas then myself. If you’re interested, please let me know! As always, this module will be free.

Upcoming features:

  • Sync to external clock
  • CV control over equation selection
  • Optional 1v/octave tracking (hopefully)
  • Maybe a readout that displays the equation’s name and number

Here’s the code which should be relatively stable for a while:

Cheers, Bret


Have you ever looked at Caustic’s 8BitSynth? It had some cool features. I thought it had a randomized equation creator, but I don’t see that in this video. He might have added that later.

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That’s pretty cool! I was using Bitwiz in the past. I ported over a number of my old bytebeat equations, but there might be new tricks using a mix between bytebeat and floatbeat that I haven’t considered. Also, I believe that Bitwiz didn’t let you do array lookups. :slight_smile:

If you have access to Native Instruments Reaktor, this instrument has a few hundred formulas in it.

I do have Reaktor, but I haven’t had it installed for a while. I’ll definitely give that a shot.

Can’t wait for those features. I’ve been loving pairing this with starling via stuff. Awesome module. @clone45

Very nice module! :slight_smile: If you implement the v/oct tracking, I think it would be useful to mantain also the simpler clock division, maybe as a menu option. Do you think it would be possible to add an input to control the clock division parameter?

EDIT: I think the output of this module is 0-1V instead of ±5V, is it intentional?

@nolente Thanks for the feedback! The 0-1v was a mistake. I’ll get that fixed asap. Also, yes, I plan on implementing 1v/octave tracking, but I was also thinking of having an option to flip between v/octave tracking and … er… “extreme” tracking. I haven’t figure that part out yet. In the short term, I can add an input to control clock division pretty easily. I’ll do that right away and also add a CV input to control which equation is playing.

@sounds That’s great to hear!

Thanks for the feedback. It inspires me to put some more effort into this module!

Cheers, Bret

A few new CV inputs on their way…

After making this patch, I realize that I’ll need to add a reset input. I’ll get that done soon. I’ll try to submit these changes tomorrow and get them in your hands asap to play with. Hopefully I’ll add a few equations in the process!

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Crazy! Love it, can’t wait to test it.

I just submitted new updates to the library. I’m not sure exactly when they’ll be available, but it should be soon.

I made some HUGE improvements to how the module works overall. Previously, the parameter inputs had values ranging from 0 to 4096. They weren’t snapping to integers, but were converted to integers before being used. This made it a bit tricky to “dial in” values between 0 and 16, and those lower values are important. So I’ve changed the inputs to range from 0 to 128 and snap to the closest integer.


I’m extremely happy with the results and I hope that you are as well. I also added a new equation!