New ambient album, time to take a nap !

I wanted to share this album, it is a compilation of various montages of patches made to synth myself to sleep.

The choices I made to edit the recordings where done with the help of my dog, she is a huge fan of Stars of the Lid and Éliane Radigue : if she likes the track, she goes in front of the speakers and sleeps there for a while. So that was my way of knowing if a track was working or not !


This song is perfect. Thank you for making it and sharing it. Its so beautiful and special. VCV Rack 2 is great. Oh by the way could you share what modules you used in the song to make it so beautiful and mysterious? Oscillators etc.?

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Thank you very much ! I am glad you liked it !

Well there are a lot of different patches in there, basically I start a new patch from scratch and when I feel like it is doing enough I let it play until my laptop runs out of power, hoping I sleep by then… I really often use some of the same stuffs though : Plateau and Chronoblob for delays and reverb as sends in the mixer (MixMaster), a LOT of FM (Bogaudio’s FM-OP or Pigeon Plink), sometimes I want more VA sounding osc so I go for plain vanilla VCV’s VCO, or if I want a bit of weirdness some Instruo… I love Tides V2 as a voice and / or as a modulation source, and Rings and Elements with weird firmwares (using FM usually) as “effects”, often being FMed by the master of the mixer.

I love Orca and Hallucinogenia for sequencing but I guess that given the type of generative I use here it Is more likely a clock, Sample & Hold Eight (Mockba Modular) with a quantizer, some shift registers for long developing chords / phrases…

I know there is a Tesseract in every patch I make, for modulation sources, usually modulating its speeds via something like Cubic… I also love Shapemaster for long loooong automations changing for instance note probabilities, stuffs like that…

The one ingredient I remember is that once the edit is done and the “song” finished, I record it to a K7 and then record that back on the computer, because I love that sound for that kind of music… When it goes a slightly bit too much in the red it is gorgeous, IMO.


This sounds like a lot of my ambient. I mean, I’m not claiming I invented this kind of Rack production, but there are similarities. I actually made a track in the last day inspired by listening to the fade :smile:

Yes, indeed, I don’t think you or me could legimitaly claim responsibility for this kind of Rack production, or even outside of Rack… It just is a fun mental exercise to come with new ways of generating notes, sequences, variations etc… And it personally helps me getting asleep with is a big bonus.

You mean listening to the album I posted ?

If yes that is cool lol. Is there a way to listen to it somewhere ? I did a bit of reading in the thread you mentioned but did not find any clue as to which one I should listen to.

It’s in the post I linked to but here it is again.

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