Wouldnt it be cool if someone made a clone of Behringers neutron for VCV Rack? Since they like cloning other peoples stuff that would be hilarious


It would probably be fun. An emulator has been made for Reaktor, you can use VCV Host to be able to have it inside the rack.

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I started this as a project long time ago. But never finished it. Not really interested picking up so anyone who wants to, I can handover code to start with.

wow they made it exactly like it. can they do that? Does it sound the same also?

there is one, I think not yet in V2, but the neutron is pretty easy to reproduce using the fundamentl modules, only the overdrive missing

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ok thanks let me know if you find out its ready.

We need some good CEM3340 emulation code.

is on the library

That’s a Minimoog model D clone. (Or Behringer Model-D)

Behringer Neutron is this one:

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