Neutron Generative Patch

Greetings All,

I just started learning modular synthesis recently so pardon if this might seem elementary or kinda dumb. I’m trying to figure out how to recreate a generative patch I saw someone make on the Behringer Neutron. Here are some links:

In general I understand most of what is happening, but to translate it to VCV Rack is confusing me a bit.

Basically I’m trying to learn the fundamentals of making these so I can come up with my own. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Welcome jmicolo!

Your question is in no way dumb, he is in fact getting a lot from that two VCOs with some clever patching. There are a few concepts behind it I would recommend learning to recreate that style:

  1. Creating a basedrum with a pitch envelope. Try patching the envelope of a VCV Library - NYSTHI AttackDecay AD into the FM of a VCO-1. Take the same envelope and put it into the CV1 of a MIXER. Take the output of the VCO and put it into the mixer. Connect the mixer to the AUDIO8. Then play with different frequencies of the VCO, FM-Amount and Waveforms and different AD-Times on the Envelope.
  2. Using an LFO as a clock source. Now take a VCV Core LFO and put the square wave output into the trigger of the AD-Envelope. Et Voila, four on the floor.
  3. Inverting the clock for the off-beat. Set the LFO to BIpolar. Take UNITY and plug the square-ware into the first channel. On the INV-Output you have a trigger for the off-beat.
  4. Using Sample&Hold as Melody. Take the module RANDOM and plug the inverted clock into the trigger input. Set the shape slider to zero. Take the LIN-Output and put it in the input of a VCA. Set the VCA to somewhere around 15%. From the VCA into a QNT, set a scale and from there into the V/Oct of a second VCO. Use another AD-Envelope triggered by the inverted clock for the second mixer channel, and connect the VCO. Base.
  5. Noise as Hihats. Take a NOIS and use two different outputs (white and blue) and connect them to the mixer. take both envelopes and use them on both noise channels.
  6. Open a good bottle of wine. Tweak the patch, add a Filter or two and watch a few Omri Cohen Videos on Youtube. Congratulations, you are now a VCV-addict. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the lazy cable-coloring.

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Thanks for the in-depth response, greatly appreciated! I’ll give this a whirl later and report back.