Need ultimate VCV to DAW audio interface


I’m looking at upgrading to an audio interface that allows for full and direct connecting of vcv rack to reaper. need cv, gate info, full stereo yes two full channels, midi, the works.

the goal is to make my hardware modular and vcv rack communicate in all levels. going both directions input and output. of course there will be delays and the usual issues but i can deal with those.

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expert sleepers es-8/es-9 should be a good starting point,
and you should maybe watch some of Omri Cohens latest tutorials about VCV and eurorack
but to connect VCV and Reaper is something different, first question, are you on Mac or Win or Linux?You can use ReRoute to connect VCV and Reaper, see also Omris tutorials

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I’m not sure if you want a virtual or physical interface. I’m using ReaMote of the free Cockos ReaPlugs to transport audio and Midi between DAW and Rack. But it is a Windows-only VST.

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holy crap this is complex as hell and challenging. my first and main goal is to connect my hardware modular to the vcv world. and do that completely. (cv. gates and trigs, midi, audio (stereo even) in and out. secondary is using reaper and adding that to the integration.

Are the DAW and VCV running on the same computer? Making that part of the integration virtual could be good enough, and might budget for more input/outputs with the hardware. On Windows I’m having great success making Reason and VCV integrate, by using the following together:

  • VB-Cable virtual audio device, the free version provides 8 mono channels, more channels if you give them some monies.
  • Loopmidi virtual loopback MIDI device for programs to send MIDI to each other
  • ASIO4All to merge my physical sound card and my VB-Cable into a single virtual device. You have to configure ASIO4All in both VCV and the DAW via the system tray after enabling ASIO4All in them.

I don’t know about the specifics of Reaper, but in Reason I’m using the External MIDI device and am sending CV over CC. There’s a video showing how I use them in my music thread here if curious.

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ES9 is on back order. but i agree that’s going to be a major piece.

Thanks Aria, let me digest your questions and ideas. so far the reaper and vcv will live on the same very powerful laptop. it’s a beast i7 6 core w a sweet nvidia quadro 2000. lots of ram so it should handle. now for the hardware modular side i need midi and audio and cv and gates and trigs going in and out to vcv and DAW. so much. so little time!

Whats the rush?

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Coirt, at 49 I don’t have that much time left :slight_smile:

I did find the perfect module / interface… it does everything on my wish list and sits right in the rack perfectly its just really expensive. But its a must buy for me since i like vcv as much if not more than my hardware its a must to integrate them seamlessly.

Expert Sleepers ES9… wow. But $569 ain’t cheap.

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Sure, but that’s kinda relative. Look at what it can do for you. It’s an incredibly flexible mixer, for sending audio and CV in and out of your computer, in and out of your modular, in and out of other audio interfaces, and out to headphones and/or monitors and/or external mixer. If you only use a eurorack and a computer (with e.g. VCV Rack, a DAW, …), and no other sound sources (keyboards, mics, guitars, …) this is pretty much the only audio interface you’ll ever need. Cheapest way of building an incredibly powerful hybrid hardware/computer modular system.

Man, I’m 55, I don’t care. :slightly_smiling_face: Peace and :heart:

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Not a matter of age ! At 20 years old i also struggle to find a few minutes for VCV and my channel :sweat:
But yeah ! with some organisation, i manage to get stuff done .
Cheers guys ! Let’s all find time and energy to create cool Music/Videos/Modules for the community ! and for our own pleasure too :blush:


The Motu 8A is also a possibility. I’m looking at that more after seeing a bunch of delays with the ES-9… now we are looking at April delivery. I’m sure it will be awesome but i’m not even sure after it does arrive it will be the right thing.

To Mr. Omri Cohen and / or disciples - what is the best way to integrate vcvrack with a full hardware system? is it even possible to put audio and cv back and forth without too much latency? Help!

whatever you get will have deficiencies, short comings, quirks, limitations but also strengths and hidden benefits. its more about finding a balance, getting something that works for you, overcoming problems and finding work arounds. this is true of any piece of gear or software. seeking the ultimate piece of tech is guaranteed disappointment because no such thing can or will ever exist.


ES8 should be cheaper then an ES9.

Or, a used MOTU Ultralite MK4.

btw. i have excellent results for piping audio internally from VCV to any DAW and vice versa with the Motu Ultralie Mk4. This card has it’s own 64 virtual DAW channels, that can be setup in any imaginable way, so no need for any 3rd party virtual drivers etc.

This interface also has ADAT, so you could hook it up to an ES3 in your Eurorack setup and use the analog MOTU DC coupled in/outs for gates/triggers and the ADAT for modulation/pitch.

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A DC-coupled audio interface with lots of input/outputs or the Expert Sleepers modules. This will also get you the lowest latency at all possible.

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See also this very informative video that Paul Piko just made, about VCV Rack + ES-9 + expanders:

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Going to be 64 in February. Starting late but this keeps me going!


Welcome to the club. I turn 70 next month and this still keeps me going, if a bit slower :wink:

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