Need solution for record video using ASIO in OBS Studio Ableton Live 11 (VCV Rack Pro instances)

Ladies and Gentlemen, a distinguished group of creators of all kinds of electronic music under the banner of VCV Rack. I need your help. For some time now I have been trying to combine some of my equipment, which somehow expanded with a few new parts.

I want to finally return to the YouTube scene with my ideas. But a few months ago I came up with a “brilliant” idea to expand my equipment with a few new products, including AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8-Core processor (3.40 GHz), 64 GB Ram, AMD Radeon RX 6800 16GB, W 11pro 64bit, Behringer Neutron, Arturia Keystep controller, Ableton Live 11 Suite (DAW), Push 3 (non-standalone) and Behringer UMC204HD (audio interface) and a pair of KRK ROKIT 5 studio monitors.

My “secret” plan is to use all the equipment to use Aleton Live (and Push 3) for creating music using VCV RACK pro as plug-ins, and NEUTRON is to be added to this. This is quite a big plan, especially since you can use several vcv instances in any DAW.

Ok, let’s get to the point. to record my ideas in VCV RACK, I usually used OBS Studio for budget reasons, of course :slight_smile:.

Unfortunately, when recording video in OBS Studio, I somehow cannot use the ASIO audio interface drivers under Ableton LIve (only MME/DirectX works).

Yes, I know, someone will soon say “What version of OBS Studio do you have, because the latest ASIO drivers do not work?” or “Do you have the obs-asio plug-in installed?” I am currently trying to use OBS Studio 28.0.0 (64 bit) and the obs-asio plug-in. in version 3.1.1.

Yes, now (OBS Studio) in the “image sources” tab I can select the ASIO plugin (i.e. all available drivers installed in the UMC system, Ableton Push, ASIO4ALL v2, ReaRoute ASIO (x64) but only as input.

Why does capturing sound output no longer include drivers? ASIO?

What am I doing wrong? Maybe I should use another program to record videos (?) with my music and patches?

If there is someone who can explain it to me simply and logically (like a “child” ), I will be eternally grateful.

Thanks and Cheres

Windows key + G :grinning:

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ASIO devices cannot be shared by more than one app, unless you use a 3rd party driver that allows that (XS4ALL, I think it’s called, for example, though no idea how well it works (no longer using Windows)). Windows limitation.

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For VCV Audio in OBS, this works for me: You have VCV Pro yeah?

Grab Reastream REAPER | ReaPlugs if you don’t have it. Can’t remember if OBS supports 64 bit plugins, I think it does? But if you can’t get it to appear then try the 32bit version.

Load it into a Host-FX module and set it to Send (I think you have to select local broadcast from the drop down for it to work). Hook it up to whatever you want to send to OBS.

You will probably have to copy the reastream.dll into the folder where OBS looks for VSTs - and restart OBS once this is done for it to appear. A list of places to dump it can be found here VST 2.x Plugin Filter | OBS

Go to the Filters on your MIC/AUX in OBS, Add, VST 2.x, pick it from the list and set it to recieve.

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Did you try the fruityloops asio driver?
It should work.
I think I posted a link to it some time ago.
I’ll try to find it, might take a bit, I’m cooking our dinner now.

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XS4ALL used to be a Dutch Internet Service Provider.

I think you mean ASIO4ALL :wink:

It still is…

oh yeah, lol, that pesky memory playing up again :wink:

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Kind of, but not really. It’s even more KPN now, but due to backlash they kept some of the branding around :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah, my awesome old ISP also got eventually subsumed into KPN via another ISP that had taken it over, name escapes…

I only found an old link to the driver at the Fruityloops forum,
not sure that I can share it here,
but you can always install the FL Studio demo and it will install the ASIO drivers too.

And there are some other ASIO drivers too, like the FlexAsio on github, maybe that one works?

Or maybe this one can help: GitHub - Falcosoft/ASIO2WASAPI: A universal ASIO driver - an interface between ASIO and WASAPI APIs

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