Need help with Obs studio, Vcv rack and audio interface setup

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
After hours of useless googling i though i’d ask here :
So here is the problem. I use Obs studio for my videos. Usually, I send rack sound to Direct Sound -> realtek speakers, then, Obs gets the sound in Desktop Audio.
But when i have my Audio interface plugged in(to use external instruments), of course Desktop audio has nothing, but the only sound i can get is from the line in input of the interface. Basically, i want the line out, I want obs to get the same sound as my Headphones( which are plugged in the interface).

Anyone knows what i should do ? I can always record video and audio separately(with nysthi recorder) and mount later, but that triples the amount of work i need to do :sweat_smile: (and the result won’t be perfect)

Thanks in advance :wink:

additional info : Pc is on Windows 10 and Interface is a Focuscrite scarlett Solo

Personally I use the recorder from Nysthi since it prevent audio glitches when recording video. But if you want, there is a soft in the github, and sort of a plugin for OBS to enable it supporting ASIO.

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Ah thx, will see into this :slight_smile: Yeah Nysthi is great for the audio.
Maybe if i find a way to trigger the recorder and Obs in the same time…

Hi, if it is an ASIO device you could try the OBS ASIO plugin.
I use it and it works great. But i also hear from many that if their device is not able to share the outputs (multi client), then the ASIO plugin will still not help.

Windows only.

If all still fails, Rack V1 is out soon and will have screen-recording built-in.

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The plugin only works for inputs with me :cry:

Also, the problem with this is that i can’t record my webcam in the same time :sweat_smile:

Well, i’ll keep with my ‘‘workaround’’ for now even if it’s more work :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help anyway :blush:

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