Need Help with a patching idea


I’ve been using VCV rack to practice different patching ideas and to learn about modular environments and to not be limited by not having enough money to get a module that I need. It’s cool cause I can run into situations where I have an idea and I don’t know how to execute it so I have to figure out the puzzle pieces to figure it out.

In this case, I’m at a loss in terms of how to make something happen which is as follows:

I have a bass sound that I am triggering with a divided clock, dividing by 2.5. This clock is also running into the clock input (not divided or multiplied) of a LFO (just using a sin wave) that I am using to modulate the Cutoff on a low pass filter that I am running a snare-ish sound through. The snare is getting triggered by the clock multiplied by 2. My goal is for when the filter opens up, the bass sound’s clock trigger changes to the multiplied clock that the snare sound is triggered by, sort of like a ratcheting effect, but I want to make it “in-time/in-sync” so to speak, so that both the modulation of the filter and the bass sound are “in-time/in-sync” very briefly, literally just as a little effect at the end of a measure.

My initial thinking was to use a sequential switch that has both clock signals that I want going to the bass to be triggered by (/2.5 and *2) and then to use a trigger sequencer to trigger the switch for the timing of when I want the bass sound to switch and for when the filter opens up so that both happen at the same time. The issue is here that the length of the bass sound switch/snare filter opening sound would be the same length of time as when that is not happening whereas I’m looking just to make a little effect.

Any tips? Hope I explained this alright as I am relatively new to this (~6 months in)


I guess you need logic modules and Burst\Ratchet (Repelzen has a nice Burst Module and Count Module has one two, i think)…

So like when 2 and 2,5 signals align (use the AND module) it sends the trigger to Ratchet\Burst. Then you need an OR module (or a crossfader) to combine two signals. Maybe I misunderstood something though

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Try using RGATE VCV Library - Bogaudio RGATE and modulate with the sine LFO the MUL parameter (attenuate it to taste to get x2) I hope I understood correctly and this helps… Cheers!

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