Need Help to download free vcv library

Hi . I’am Cardinal user since 2022 , because my DAW is offline always . Now , I would like use free vcv rack 2 . I installed it and use basic modules . I’m looking for someone nice who could “zip or rar” the plugin folder containing the library and upload it somewhere so I can download it . ( I’ll share my numerous patchs made with Cardinal , of course ) . :slightly_smiling_face:

You simply register and select the plugins in the library →

Then after login in Rack will download all the plugins you selected.


this is an illegal request,
you can register and connect to the library and after download of your desired modules you don’t need to connect again.

I will close this thread now.


They might be talking about the freeware and open-source modules. The commercial modules, of course, should be purchased to use.