Need Help; how to feed my squonk with pitch information from seq++?

hello, i’m a newbie in the modular synth world and this is my first post here. currently i use NYSTHI/ Squonk for sequencing and Seq++ for piano like notes input. i find out, that with OverA in Squonk it is possible to feed cv and after a test it works. But how do feed a whole sequence from Seq++ to Squonk? As far as i understand, i have to read out every single note clocked from Seq++ syncronized with the clocked Squonk. And how do i feed the serialized notes into the single OverA per step? I don’t know.

Any ideas here? Thanks in advance. Karl

My advice would be to not use Squonk in this case. Seq++ has all you need: clock in, gate out, CV out. Why would you need Squonk by Nysthi, famous for being very good, very complex and not having manuals?

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Thanks for your info. I use squonk, because it is chainable and has a quiet simple and working solution for ratchering. I love it. How could i transfer my notes from seq++ info any other sequencer? Do you know others? Or an idea to transfer? I will test any other sequencer as well. Karl

You can copy and paste between Seq++ and some other sequencers. I think that’s in the manual. You can also save a midi file and load it into other sequencers. And, while it can’t be controlled in real time, you can easily ratchet any note or chord or whatever using “xForm: chop notes”. Although I’ve never used it, does the OES output let you chain them?

Hello, i tested chop notes. And yes it works. Thank you. I will play with different configs and come back here. Btw: What does OES mean?

Regards Karl

End of sequence. That a feature that was added afte I stopped working on these. @robert.kock might have more info about this.